MH Build is a versatile building company experienced in both Residential and Commercial sectors.

Our Mission

While building unique and beautiful homes is our goal and passion, the development of respectful and trusting relationships with our clients and industry peers is what drives us to keep doing what we do day in day out.

In order to achieve this, we make it our priority to deliver quality from start to finish and a code of conduct based on honesty, integrity and service. We believe that being successful in these ways will ensure our longevity in the industry. We want to do what we do very well, and for a long time to come.

By utilizing experienced and skillful team members, and by controlling the number and size of projects we do at any one time, we ensure excellent customer service and the delivery of a premium quality product, in an orderly and efficient manner.

The Team

MH Build is a family business that utilizes a traditional building company employment structure.

Each project is driven by our experienced project management team. We ensure all contract administration between Builder, Architect and Client are finalised in a timely and affective manner, with good communication the cornerstone of all off site matters.

Once on site, our Site Managers lead operations on the ground, guiding both our employee carpenters and apprentices, and a tight group of trade specialist contractors, who are pivotal in delivering the high-quality product that we expect. From Directors, to employees to subcontractors and labourers, the MH Build team work symbiotically, and boast a healthy company culture based on mutual respect and general love of building. We believe this to be the key strength in our approach, and one which will bolster or longevity in the market.


Alex Miller

A carpenter by trade, Alex trained and developed his keen eye for detail while employed by Architectural Residence Builder A.I.M. Partnership, between 2004-2012.

During this period, he was employed as a site manager, and responsible for all on site operations, and delivery of various bespoke architecturally designed homes across Sydney’s foreshore and in Canberra. It was here that his passion for building and design flourished, working on projects designed by architects including Candelapas Associates, Alex Popov and Associates, Peter Stutchbury Architecture and Collins Caddaye Architects (Canberra).

In 2012 Alex established Coastyle Constructions and began acting as principal contractor on smaller scale residential projects. Over the next few years Coastyle Constructions grew, taking time to establish good management systems and develop an in-depth understanding of the contracts administration required to affectively drive a building company to success. Throughout this growth, Alex and Coastyle have maintained a focus on sterling customer service and the delivery of high-level finish projects.

In 2017 Alex, alongside father-in-law Matthew Hawkins, and Brother-in-law Jack Hawkins, established MH Build. Continuing a focus on quality fine finishes and client satisfaction while utilizing traditional construction company roles.

As Construction Director, Alex brings 13 years of building experience to the fore, with an understanding of both traditional and modern building technologies, effective construction programming and a passion for delivering a quality product.

A truly professional and highly motivated builder, Alex finds the entire building experience, and developing relationships of trust and respect with clients and architects to be the greatest reward of all.

Matthew Hawkins

Matt is an accomplished Project Manager, with over 35 years industry experience, and key strength in delivery of construction projects. His level of organization and his diligence, have led to the completion of many notable and award winning projects throughout his career. Matt also has a seamless track record in relation to time and budget.

Prior to 2017, Matt’s career focus was in high end commercial building works, including the delivery of the iconic Parliament House Flag Pole and Centre Zone roofs for Citra Constructions, and several MBA awards, including one for the construction of Moriah College Junior School in Queens Park in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in 2005-6, and another for the complete refurbishment of the Historical Termayne building for Loretto Kirribilli in 2010-11, both for Prime Constructions.

In late 2016, Matt decided to join Alex at Coastyle Constructions, to help grow and develop the business, and bring his expertise to the administration of ongoing contracts.

Working cohesively as a team, in 2017 Matt and Alex formed MH Build, with a commitment to delivering quality products for our clients.

Matthew’s personal and friendly approach is invaluable to the MH Build team. With Matthew Hawkins onboard, our clients can be further assured in our ability to deliver inspiring projects on time and on budget.